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About POPsuxbySamara:

POPsuxbySamara strives for quality within the quantities.  Quality of our product is subject to our superior ingredients. From gourmet chocolate to customized flavors and toppings.  Customers rave about our flavors and consistent quality of product.

Providing a quality product that speaks for itself, is our standard.

POPsuxbySamara is a Colorado local business, providing community connections and sensational sweet savoring cakepops.  We believe in creating opportunities and solid business relationships with our clients. The benefits of our company is not only quality wholesale cakepop distribution of our products, you will always find quality service with every communication and interaction.  We believe in building our business, seeing your company thrive and growing our communities together.

We had a vision of creating cakepops for our youngest child's birthday.

We followed every recipe, purchased every gadget and 4am later, we were no where.  We had cakes, crumble, sprinkles, sticks, chocolate-all the factors for a cakepop and 6 cakes in with no cakepop in sight-we were in over our heads. We could not fathom how to make it happen. 

Tears and sprinkles combined, made the perfect recipe for perseverance.

Eventually it clicked and we had a ball on a stick.  We continued to serve family and friends, eventually, moving forward to offering our cakepops at our very first large event, our sister's wedding in September of 2013.  This wedding was monumental in our decision to move forward.  The wedding attendees encouraged us to continue and grow.  We left that weekend and the following week we established POPsuxbySamara.

We went on to cater many life moments from weddings to babies, to birthdays and celebrating continued milestones with our clients. We continued this process with every client, corporation and organization opportunity we had.  In fact this is the very same coincidence that placed us in the next chapter of our business.

In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, POPsuxbySamara, rose from a need based clientele to offering mainstream, ready to go cakepops to local businesses within Colorado.




POPsuxbySamara is a family owned business, we started this business in the course of our childrens' chaos. From volleyball, dance, softball, lacrosse, swim, track, football or chauffeuring children across Colorado we formed a cakepop and treat company.

Elmer and Samara met in high school and were reunited in their adult life, they are both natives of Colorado. Elmer comes from the Geo Tech and Materials Industry and Samara comes from Corporate Communications.

If they are not knee deep in cake batter, you will find them at a Bronco Game, supporting their school district CCSD or slangin'Girl Scout Cookies on the corner.  They have 3 beautiful children, Janissa, Javonni and Jaselle.

Elmer & Samara Gonzales



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