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Frequently Asked Questions


It is our goal to provide you with and your event with quality products and services.  If the following below does not answer your questions or concerns please contact

Dietary Options (Gluten Free, Soy, Non-Diary, Sugar Free, Nut Free, Vegan etc.)

While it is our goal to service every creation some dietary options restrict us from moving forward. However,  it is our goal to provide an alternative, if possible, which may increase the price of your POP. Please let us know right away if you have any concerns.  Our regular menu options do not call for nuts  This does not mean we will not offer it.  If you have a nut allergy, please be aware this is a "home/commercial" kitchen and we cannot insure that there will not be any nut residue.  


Each and every product is an individual item, ingredients will vary.  Please contact us directly for your product questions. 

CakePOP Care

Please keep at room temperature (67`degrees), the CakePOPs are best when stored in a cool, dry location, at room temperature. They should not be left in excessive heat, prior to  your event.  CakePOPs will remain fresh up to  2 days at room temperature, and can be stored in the freezer to increase duration.

Commercial Kitchen-License to Operate: Manufactured Food Establishment

POPsuxbySamara operates a commercial wholesale kitchen, designed to operate and offer retailers the opportunity to offer and resale POPsuxbySamara products, license and approval from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and is fully functional in providing and fulfilling orders.

Additional Fees

Rush Orders-All orders placed within 48hrs of pick up/delivery will be subject to a one time fee of $25, minimum order of one dozen is required. All order are subject to product availability.-$25 Rush Fee

Shipping & Handling-based on location

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